Gua Bao

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Black Gua Bao Charcoal frozen carton of 60 baos of 50g each SAM-PAN

18.33 €/ kg
Guo Bao Buns - Hirata Buns 60x70g SEAFOOD MARKET

10.63 €/ kg
Frozen Gua Bao Steamed Buns 300g GLOBE GOURMET

16.50 €/ kg
Black Gua Bao Lotus Leaf Buns 400g LUCKY

10.75 €/ kg
Gua Bao Lotus Leaf Bun 400g (10X40g) HAPPY BELLY

12.12 €/ kg
Gua Bao - Hirata Buns 60X50g GLOBE GOURMET

14.33 €/ kg

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