Instant Soups

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Instant Miso Soup Dark Bonito 224.55g MARUKOME

26.50 €/ kg
Instant Miso Soup Vegetarian 224,55g MARUKOME

26.50 €/ kg
Cream of Tomato Soup 400g BAXTERS

8.50 €/ kg
Favourite Potato & Leek Soup 400g BAXTERS

9.97 €/ kg
Instant Miso Soup Paste Tofu Style 57g MARUKOME

52.46 €/ kg
Ready to Eat Red Curry Soup 400g AROY-D

7.47 €/ kg
Ready to Eat Tom Yum Soup 400g AROY-D

7.47 €/ kg
Enjuku Koji Miso Soup with Fried Tofu 8 Servings 155g HIKARI MISO

37.42 €/ kg

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