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Hotteok Original with Peanuts Frozen 360g HEARTY SPOON

19.42 €/ kg
Hotteok Churros Frozen 400g HEARTY SPOON

17.48 €/ kg
Hotteok Black Sesame Filling Frozen 360g HEARTY SPOON

19.42 €/ kg
Oriental Sweet Pandan Bread 300g HAPPY BELLY

11.67 €/ kg
Peanut Sesame Balls 228g JINJILI

12.28 €/ kg
Churros 500g EUROFRITS
Product Code: 551047

5.70 €/ kg
Red Bean Bun 250g (6X42g) LITTLE CHEF

14.36 €/ kg
Rice Balls Peanut 200g SPRING HOME
-10% SALE
9.40 €/ kg

8.46 €/ kg
Rice Balls Black Sesame 200g SPRING HOME
-10% SALE
11.00 €/ kg

9.90 €/ kg

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