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    12.57 €/ kg
    Oat Flakes - Козуб Хлопья овсяные 400g KOZUB

    4.97 €/ kg
    Keta Salmon Fillet Skin on Frozen

    16.99 €/ kg
    Sweet Poppyseeds Paste 850g HELCOM

    6.46 €/ kg
    Rainbow Trout Roe 250g LEMBERG

    91.96 €/ kg
    Vegeta Food Seasoning 180g
    Product Code: 301008

    16.61 €/ kg
    Cranberry Syrup 420ml HERBAPOL

    9.50 €/ kg
    Fruit Drink Apple Cherry 1 LT TYMBARK

    2.49 €/ kg
    Fruit Drink Apple Mint 1 Lt TYMBARK

    2.49 €/ kg
    Aubergine Paste Samorskaya 680g EMELA

    5.87 €/ kg
    Zucchini Paste Samorskaya 680g EMELA
    -10% SALE
    6.93 €/ kg

    6.24 €/ kg
    Corn Semolina Malai Extra 1Kg ARPIS

    2.99 €/ kg
    Red Salmon Roe Platinum 300g LEMBERG

    99.83 €/ kg
    Chocolate Candies Lastotska 250g ROT FRONT

    14.00 €/ kg
    Candies Barberry Flavour 250g ROT FRONT

    10.40 €/ kg
    Cake Layer Medowik 400g KOROLEVA

    9.50 €/ kg
    Sushki Mini with Poppy Seeds 500g ULAN

    5.98 €/ kg
    Choocolate Candies Krasnaja Shapotschka 250g ROT FRONT

    18.00 €/ kg
    Cod Liver 115g LEMBERG
    Product Code: 422219

    27.50 €/ kg
    Spice Mix for Chicken Tabaka 25g AVOKADO

    23.60 €/ kg

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