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Galangal Root Frozen 250g ALIBABA

14.96 €/ kg
Pandan Leaves Frozen 250g ALIBABA

14.00 €/ kg
Turmeric Whole Frozen 200g FLOWER

17.50 €/ kg
Cassava Peeled Frozen from Fresh 300g FLOWER BRAND

13.17 €/ kg
Frozen Kimchi 1kg GLOBE GOURMET

11.99 €/ kg
Frozen Galangal Root 250g ASIAN CHOICE

14.96 €/ kg
Frozen Kaffir Lime Leaves 100g ASIAN CHOICE

29.90 €/ kg
Curry Leaves Frozen 300g P.T. FOODSTUFF

16.63 €/ kg
Krachai Root Whole - Finger Root 200g FLOWER BRAND

14.95 €/ kg
Aji Rocoto Frozen 500g GOYA
Product Code: 282278

11.00 €/ kg
Tempeh 394g TEMPEHTING
Product Code: 221476

8.25 €/ kg
Lotus Root Slices 1kg DIAMOND
Product Code: 221456

6.60 €/ kg
Snow Peas IQF 1kg DIAMOND
Product Code: 221216

6.50 €/ kg
Galangal Root Whole 100g FLOWER BRAND

26.90 €/ kg
Banana Leaves 454g DAILY THAI
Product Code: 221085

10.99 €/ kg
Lemongrass 100g FLOWER BRAND
Product Code: 221060

19.90 €/ kg
Sator Beans 100g FLOWER BRAND
Product Code: 221013

49.90 €/ kg

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