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Spice Mix for Chicken Tabaka 25g AVOKADO

23.60 €/ kg
Spice Mix for Hmeli Suneli 25g AVOKADO

23.60 €/ kg
Adzika Spice Mix 25g AVOKADO
Product Code: 422692

26.00 €/ kg
Adzika Sauce Mild 360g EMELA
Product Code: 421450

8.31 €/ kg
Ayvar 350g EMELA
Product Code: 421065

9.29 €/ kg
Tkemali Georgian Yellow Hot Sauce 310ml MIMINO

14.48 €/ kg
Tkemali Georgian Red Spicy Sauce 310ml MIMINO

14.52 €/ kg
Tkemali Georgian Green Sauce 310ml MIMINO

14.52 €/ kg
Satsebeli Georgian Spicy Sauce 310ml MIMINO

14.52 €/ kg
Dry Adzika Spice 80g MIMINO
Product Code: 423248

26.25 €/ kg
Hmeli Suneli 50g MIMINO
Product Code: 423126

35.80 €/ kg
Svanetian Salt 80g MIMINO
Product Code: 423129

22.38 €/ kg
Satsebeli Georgian SauceWith Fresh Tomato 310ml MIMINO

9.65 €/ kg
Tkemali Georgian Green Hot Sauce 310ml MIMINO

12.47 €/ kg
Traditional Adzika Sauce 230g MIMINO

17.35 €/ kg
Adzika Hot Sauce 360g EMELA
Product Code: 421066

8.31 €/ kg

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