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Salmon Sake Nigiri Topping Raw 160g (20x8g) SEAFOOD MARKET

49.94 €/ kg
Unagi Kabayaki Topping Frozen 160g (20x8g) SEAFOOD MARKET

88.12 €/ kg
Marinated Mackerel Fillet - Shime Saba 220g (2x110g) Frozen SEAFOOD MARKET

29.50 €/ kg
Ebi Fry Japanese Style 16/20 240g (10X24g) SEAFOOD MARKET

27.92 €/ kg
Sushi Ebi Maki 250g (35 shrimps) SEAFOOD MARKET

33.96 €/ kg
Seabass Topping ''Suzuki'' Raw 160g (20X8g) SEAFOOD MARKET

56.19 €/ kg
Sushi Ebi 6L (9,6-10cm) 300g (20pcs) SEAFOOD MARKET

41.43 €/ kg
Sushi Ebi - Nobashi Ebi 26/30 13-14cm 300g SEAFOOD MARKET

41.17 €/ kg
Sushi Εbi 3L (8,1-8,5cm) 185g (30pcs) SEAFOOD MARKET

45.41 €/ kg
Soft Shel Crab 1kg (70g/Crab) SEAFOOD MARKET

45.00 €/ kg
Hamachi Fillet Skin On 1,5-1,9kg SEAFOOD MARKET

47.43 €/ kg
Sushi Ebi - Ama Ebi Premium 85g (30pcs) SEAFOOD MARKET

37.46 €/ kg
Taco Octopus Topping 160g (20X8g) SEAFOOD MARKET

79.06 €/ kg

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