Dried Vegetables

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    Dried Panca Chili - Aji Panca Seco 100g ALIBABA

    39.90€/ kg
    Dried Amarillo Pepper - Aji Mirasol 100g MIKUNA

    29.90€/ kg
    Fuero Wakame 20g OTOMEGUSA
    Product Code: 061124

    99.50€/ kg
    Organic Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 25g BIOASIA

    239.60€/ kg
    Organic Konbu Flakes 25g BIOASIA

    239.60€/ kg
    Organic Wakame 25g BIOASIA
    Product Code: 461105

    239.60€/ kg
    Umi Budo - Sea Grape Seaweed 40g NIHON BIONTECH

    221.25€/ kg
    Kizami Nori (0.5mm) 50g MARUTAKA

    530.00€/ kg
    Fried Onions 200g LUCULLUS
    Product Code: 121350

    10.50€/ kg
    Product Code: 121349

    9.58€/ kg
    Product Code: 121347

    29.97€/ kg
    Dried Black Fungus Strips 1000g LUCKY

    21.00€/ kg
    Dried Amarillo Chilli - Aji Amarillo Seco 100g ALIBABA

    34.90€/ kg
    Dried Yellow Potato - Papa Seca Amarilla 400g ALIBABA

    9.97€/ kg
    Dried Seaweed Laver 50g GOLDEN LION

    70.20€/ kg
    Fried Onions 2.5kg LUCULLUS
    Product Code: 121265

    10.52€/ kg
    Dried Konbu Kelp 30g HIROKON
    Product Code: 061121

    123.00€/ kg
    Dried Kelp - Konbu 200g GOLDEN LION

    24.95€/ kg
    Green Nori Flakes 20g CLEARSPRING

    175.00€/ kg
    Dried Shitake Mushrooms 50g LUCKY

    51.80€/ kg
    Hijiki Dried Seaweed 453g WEL-PAC

    99.33€/ kg
    Dried Black Fungus 50g LUCKY
    Product Code: 061118

    39.80€/ kg
    Dried Porcini Mushrooms - Funghi Porcini Secchi 10g FORESTA ORO

    125.00€/ kg
    Dried Seaweed Hijiki 56,7g WEL-PAC

    70.00€/ kg

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