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Quinoa is a shrub that its seeds are eaten, and they are in many colors: white, red, black and blue Red and gold quinoa are nutritionally identical. Red makes for a very beautiful look. Quinoa was of great nutritional importance to the pre-Columbian Andean civilizations. It was the second main food after the potato and was followed by the corn.

Today it is highly valued for its nutritional value and the United Nations has classified it as a superfood for its high protein content (13%). Unlike rice or wheat, which have a low lysine content, quinoa contains a balanced content of essential amino acids for humans, making it an unusually complete food. This means that less protein than wheat protein is needed for our needs. Although in reality, it is a seed, quinoa is considered a complete cereal and a good source of fiber.Quinoa also contains Omega-3 fat, which does not damage the heart. It is also a good source of phosphorus and has a lot of magnesium and iron. It has no gluten and is easily digested.


The product is produced and packaged in a factory that processes celery, gluten, soy, lactose, mustard, milk, sesame, eggs, peanuts and nuts.


General Category Foods
Origin Peru
Category Superfoods
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Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 1539kj/368kcal
Fat 6,10g
of which saturates 0,71g
Carbohydrate 57g
of which sugars 1,30g
Fibre 7g
Proteins 14g
Salt 0,010g
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