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    Extra Dark Chocolate 70% Lemon 70g ZAINI

    29.33 €/ kg
    Mix Jellies 240g BONDS
    Product Code: 384678

    20.79 €/ kg
    Red Semi-Sweet Wine 12% vol. 750ml ABRAU DURSO

    12.67 €/ kg
    White Dry Wine 12% vol. 750ml ABRAU DURSO

    12.67 €/ kg
    White Semi-Sweet Muscat Wine 11% vol. 750ml ALIANTA

    6.65 €/ kg
    Red Semi-Sweet Merlot Wine 12% vol. 1lt FRUZANA

    5.49 €/ kg
    Red Semi-Sweet Cabernet-Sauvignon Wine 12% vol. 1lt VINO LA CASA

    5.49 €/ kg
    Sparkling Red Semi-Sweet Wine 13,5% vol. 750ml ODESSA

    7.99 €/ kg
    Sparkling White Semi-Dry Wine 12.5% vol. 750ml ODESSA

    10.00 €/ kg
    Chopsticks Giftset and Rest Panda Design, TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO

    23.30 €/ kg
    Kawaii Mug 380ml - Koinobori Design in Giftbox 8,5x9,8cm, TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO

    6.50 €/ kg
    Kawaii Mug 380ml - Japan B Design in Giftbox 8,5x10,2cm, TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO

    6.50 €/ kg
    Kawaii Mug - Lucky Cat Pink Giftbox 350ml 8.5x9.8cm, TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO

    32.48 €/ kg
    Capelin Roe Spread 160g SANTA BREMOR

    24.31 €/ kg
    Capelin Roe with Squid Spread 180g SANTA BREMOR

    21.61 €/ kg
    Japanese Plate Sky Blue 29x3cm 1 pcs TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO

    44.98 €/ kg
    Chocolate Coins 45g POKEMON
    Product Code: 161538

    248.75 €/ kg

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