Flat Base Carbon Steel Wok with Grip 14" (35cm) for Gas Fire Stoves

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Before you use the wok for the first time put some oil in it and spread it all over its inner surface. Put the wok on medium fire and wait until smoke starts to emerge. Put out the fire and let the wok cool down. Wash only with water and wipe it softly to dry. Your wok in now ready to use.

Wash with hot water and dish soap. Not suitable for dish washing machines or soaking in water. Use a dish sponge or a dish brush to remove food leftovers. Before you store the wok wipe dry it thoroughly and apply a thin layer of oil on its surface using a cloth. If you notice rust stains remove them with a stiff brush, wash the wok and dry it thoroughly, then rub its surface with oil.   




General Category Non Food
Origin China
Category Kitchen Pans & Utensils
Availability In stock
Subcategory Woks & Other Pans
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